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Online Malayalam Songs
  Music is an endless ocean, and we, souls surrendered before that might power. The power to heal and console !!!. Malayalees have a unique taste for music , which is distinct from other communities.

  Our music is a blend of the tradition with the contemporary. The songs are unique with it's rythm, meaning and it's classical touch. Kerala has given birth to many renowned musicians. The most popular form of music for the malayalees is the film music. Our film music has close links to the carnatic music and are sometimes influenced by the tunes of the west also. Here are some songs to listen to , and fill our heart and soul with the power of music.

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Song Movie Details
 Annakkili 4 The People  details
 Lajjavathiye ninte 4 The People  details  
 Lokaasamastha 4 The People  details
 Ninte mizhimuna 4 The People  details
 Ammakkili koodithil Ammakkilikoode  details
 Enthinee pattinu Ammakkilikoode  details
 Hrudayageethamayee Ammakkilikoode  details
 Ponkoode Ammakkilikoode  details
 Vennakkal kottara Ammakkilikoode  details
 Anuragamananda Anyar  details
 Kukkoo kukkoo Anyar  details
 Mundaka padathe Anyar  details
 Pullikuyile Anyar  details
 Baletta baletta Balettan  details
 Chilu chilum Balettan  details
 Innale Balettan  details
 Karukare karuthoru Balettan  details
 Doore puzhayude Chakram  details
 Mannilum vinnilum Chakram  details
 Pathimaayum Chakram  details
 Thoothukudi chantha Chakram  details
 Vattachilavinu Chakram  details
 Ozhukiyozhuki Choonda   ---
 Pathira nilavu Choonda   ---
 Thairkudam Choonda   ---
 Thamara kanna Choonda   ---
 Ambadi poove Hariharan Pilla Happiyanu  details
 Maya mayoori Hariharan Pilla Happiyanu  details
 Munthiri vave Hariharan Pilla Happiyanu  details
 Pularikal Hariharan Pilla Happiyanu  details
 Thallu thallu Hariharan Pilla Happiyanu  details
 Thinkal Nilavil Hariharan Pilla Happiyanu  details
 Kai thozham Kanninum Kannadikkum  details
 Maarikolunthu Kanninum Kannadikkum  details
 Pachakilipattu Kanninum Kannadikkum  details
 Thanichirikkumbam Kanninum Kannadikkum  details
 Thennalile Kanninum Kannadikkum  details
 Chullaa Koottu  details
 En Priye Koottu  details
 Enthe nin pinakkam Koottu  details
 Escottelo Koottu  details
 March masamayee Koottu  details
 Thane padum Koottu  details
 Chellathathe padoo Manassinakkare  details
 Chendakkoru Manassinakkare  details
 Marakudayal mukham Manassinakkare  details
 Melleyonnu Manassinakkare  details
 Thanka thinkal Manassinakkare  details
 Dooreyo Melvilasam Sariyanu  details
 Kanni kavadi Melvilasam Sariyanu  details
 Neela kuyile Melvilasam Sariyanu  details
 Puzha paadum Melvilasam Sariyanu  details
 Thazham poove Melvilasam Sariyanu  details
 Thazhvaram Melvilasam Sariyanu  details
 Thrithala Melvilasam Sariyanu  details
 Vaadamalli poovum Melvilasam Sariyanu  details
 Alilathali Mizhi Randilum  details
 Enthinayee Mizhi Randilum  details
 Omane Mizhi Randilum  details
 Vaar Mazhaville Mizhi Randilum  details
 Chittikuruvee Mullavalliyum Thenmavum  details
 Dhum thanakkidi Mullavalliyum Thenmavum  details
 Ninave Mullavalliyum Thenmavum  details
 Pachapalunke Mullavalliyum Thenmavum  details
 Thamaranoolinaal Mullavalliyum Thenmavum  details
 Junile nilamzhayil Nammal Thammil  details
 Kabadi kabadi Nammal Thammil  details
 Pottu thottu Nammal Thammil  details
 Priyane Nammal Thammil  details
 Siyona Nammal Thammil  details
 Baala baala Pattanathil Sundaran  details
 Deva deva Pattanathil Sundaran  details
 Enthinanu Pattanathil Sundaran  details
 Kannanayal Pattanathil Sundaran  details
 Mullappoovin Pattanathil Sundaran  details
 Thakkidu kutta Pattanathil Sundaran  details
 Aaru paranju Pulivaal Kalyanam  details
 Aarundinee Pulivaal Kalyanam  details
 Gujarathee Pulivaal Kalyanam  details
 Poovalli kaavil Pulivaal Kalyanam  details
 Thevaratheruvu Pulivaal Kalyanam  details
 Odalenna vilakku Sthithi  details
 Oru chempaneer Sthithi  details
 Ishtamalleda Swapnakoodu  details
 Karuppinazhaku Swapnakoodu  details
 Malarkili Swapnakoodu  details
 Marakkam Swapnakoodu  details
 Maya sandhye Swapnakoodu  details
 Oru poo mathram Swapnakoodu  details
   Madathakili Vajram  details
   Pookunnitha Vajram  details
   Poovalla Vajram  details
   Priyathama Vajram  details
   Vajram theme Vajram  details
   Varnamayil Vajram  details
   Oli kannum neetti War And Love  details
   Pedi thonni War And Love  details  
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